Special  New London Tour  Oct. 17, 2005

Thanks to Camille Hanlon who graciously arranged the schedule


Barbara Bolles, on behalf of Board, presented Camille Hanlon an Honorary Membership

Ye Ancientest Burial Ground – stones of Thomas, Isaiah, Samuel, many Bolleses



“Bolles House”–original John Bolles farmhouse

“Woodworth House” - William Bolles House

Connecticut College Campus, New London CT




John Rogers Bolles

Mary Hempstead Bolles

New London County Historical Society, Shaw Mansion

Shaw MansionNew London

 County Historical Society



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Hempstead House

Huguenot House

Hempstead Houses on Hempstead Street, New London, CT



Sally Ryan, President New London Landmarks, host at Hempstead House

Lyman Allyn Museum – paintings of John Bolles, ships Charles Colgate & Alert

Randall, Gerald, Allen, Jesse, Susan


Chief Owaneco Deed of land to Thomas Bolles, Connecticut College Library Archives

Sign at entrance to “Bolleswood”

Originally Bolles Land

                                                                                                 …. Submitted by Barbara Bolles